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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My rollercoaster attempt at moving to WordPress and what I learnt from it

You may or may not have realised that there's been a bit of confusion around my blog over the weekend as I tried to move my blog over to (there's a big difference between and - will explain in depth below) but I wasn't completely successful and so I restored my blog back on blogger - my safe home. :)

Reasons why I wanted to move to WordPress:
  1. It's a more professional
  2. It's recommended that more bloggers should use it since it's more flexible and professional for blogging
  3. The majority of science blogs are hosted on WordPress
How I tried to move over (and only partially succeeded)

I used the instructions from this website, and the coding to move to WordPress, I imported my files to my blog and I managed to set a redirect from my blogger blog to my WordPress blog that I had set up. But, this was only partly successful because I couldn't figure out how to set up a redirect for my individual posts - they only redirected to the home page, and this would confuse a lot of readers! Turns out, that they meant! *facepalm* So I ended up returning back to my Blogger blog.

What I learned from the process and you should know too...
  1. You can't access any coding on, or add in any plugins other than the ones that are provided to you, so I couldn't create individual post redirects to my new website on
  2. Blogger has more flexibility and options for free templates (which if you know me, I love changing templates!) - Wordpress does have an extensive variety of templates, but I didn't feel that they suited my blog or niche 
  3. To have access to coding you need to download and install (Note: To set up you need to have purchased a domain name and have a host -like BlueHost or any other host which are recommended by WordPress). is for those who are more experienced with coding and plugins and working with hosts
*A tip before you start blogging!*
Read around A LOT before you start blogging to choose where you want to host your blog (Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Wix or any of the other tools available online)

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Science Blogging Tips - 30 Day Blogging Challenge (Day 12)

There are loads of tips on how to go about science blogging all over the internet. A simple Google search will lead you to so many different pages. After reading hundreds of pages about science writing & blogging (before I even started writing Crystals & Catalysts)  I have come up with a list that covers the top tips of science blogging:

Number One:

Don't Start  a blog until you have aimed and completed writing over 10 posts, and making sure that this is not just a phase and you will be able to keep on writing on your blog.

Number Two:

Read, Read and read again. Go through scientific journals, other science blogs and read as much as you can. The more you read the more you learn.

Number Three:

Choose your blog name carefully as it will become like your "brand name". You could choose to write under your name publicly or under a pseudonym. 

Number Four:

Pick a blog host for the blog you want to start ... Such as Wordpress / Blogger (for longer length posts) or Tumblr (for short snappy posts).

Number Five:

Join a science blogging platform... such as Scienceseeker. Scienceseeker is a science blog aggregator where they collect and share all new posted science blog posts. The Editors of Scienceseeker also pick their favourite posts of the week (Editors picks).  

Number Six:

Choose a catchy headline for you post (but don't overdo it till the title has no relevance to the post)

Number Seven:

Read, proof read your post several times to check it for any errors or sentences you think you want to change. A good tip is if a sentence doesn't sound right to you, then your readers will notice it too, so change it. You can also type up your post at night, then re read it in the morning when you wake up refreshed and able to proof read your work efficiently. You could also give your post to someone you trust to read it for you and give you their opinions.

And Finally Number Eight:

Share your work on social media to get your work read and noticed.


Do you have any more science blogging tips? or have any questions for me about science blogging? Comment below!

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